What we do: All of our hats are entirely handmade, from start to finish from raw materials. We utilize traditional cowboy and millinery hat making techniques that have been passed down to create a perfectly wearable long lasting quality hat.

How it works: Please go over details below. When ready to proceed fill out our Custom order form HERE and we will get back to you to finalize your custom hat order. All orders 4-6 weeks production time. 50% required to get it started.

  • 100x Quality Fur Felt starting $600

    100% Rabbit felt. The highest quality Hare Fur you'll find. It is by far more durable than wool, can be very sturdy or softer if you wish. It has smooth soft finish and comes in many soft and dark colors. Not water resistant but it will withstand many situations and last many years if properly taken care of. It can always be put back into shape with a quick touch up. It makes a good starter hat and wears well.

  • 50/50 Hare & Beaver Base $700

    While maintaining the same percentages of fur as the 10x, the 20x is a more finely worked felt and produces a beautiful hat for work or dress occasions.  This is the grade of choice for much of our clientele.

  • 100x Quality Grade starting $850

    To feel and wear a 100x hat is to experience the ultimate in fine hat wear. 100% beaver felt. It is considered the best material for a long lasting quality hat. This Fur Felt is dense and virtually waterproof. It is known for its strength and durability and will last upwards of 100 years if taken care properly. Get something your grandchildren will fight over one day. Western weight = very sturdy tough material

    Dress = Light soft and very smooth


    • Classic Fedora
    • Flower Crown
    • Pill Box
    • Diamond

    • Flat
    • Brim curl
    • Cowboy


    • Leather band(s), Grosgrain, Silk (included)
    • Metal details, Hoops (included)
    • Embroidery; 2x2 $75 4x4 $150
    • Brim Embroidery $25-50
    • Custom under brim Fabric with brim binding $70

Pick from availble colors above.


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