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The story behind Flora Y Luna started in 2017 on a faithful day after walking into a hat store in downtown Los Angeles on spring street. The lady and owner of the store told me she loved my hat, a hat which I had trimmed myself. She then advised me to take a hat class. So I did, I took 4 classes from Yvonne and I was hooked. I couldn't stop. I needed to know and learn everything there was to hat making. Learning through every hat I made friends and family, until strangers started asking me for hats. It has most definitely been a rollercoaster but one I'd ride over again. It organically happened for me. I embraced it and took on the challenge. So here I am creating and loving what I do. I completely grateful for everyone who has supported me along the way and excited for the future of Flora Y Luna! 

The inspiration: 

I get my inspiration from everything I remember seeing as a kid and every place I visited with my grandparents. Mexico being my main sore of inspiration. 

I grew up in small town named Turicato Michoacan. Where they have constant dances and marches in the street, always celebrating or praising something. Colors, foods, dances and fireworks. Being from Michoacan has filled me with so much culture and inspiration its hard to keep things simple. The more colorful the better. Everything has a story and I love telling them. 

Thank You for reading!